What is Dexterity?

"Dexterity": [dek-ster-i-tee} : noun

: skill in physical movement; especially, performing tasks utilizing the hands; expertise; craft; talent handy

from Middle French dexterité (16c.), from Latin dexteritatem (nominative dexteritas) "readiness, skillfulness, prosperity," from dexter "skillful"

Dexterity Accessories started in 2017 as an online boutique for distinctive handmade chokers crafted by Richmond native, Daija Little. Overtime, Dexterity has expanded to other accessories such as body jewelry, watches, headwear, bags, customized necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Dexterity's mission is to provide quality and distinctive fashion accessories for your luxurious and every-day looks.​ To set these accessories apart from others often seen, Dexterity Accessories is known for our collection of unique and affordable items  – as well as jewelry carefully handcrafted by the owner herself.

Meet the Owner


 Hi I'm Daija! Since grade school, I was the girl known for her unique outfits and complementary fashion accessories. As a freshman in college, I became obsessed with the "choker" trend and started making my own chokers and necklaces in my dorm room. This hobby then transformed into an online business featuring my own collection of modish jewelry and trendy accessory pieces. As the creator of this brand, Dexterity symbolizes distinction. I instill this meaning in every item by providing quality and a customer experience like no other.  My vision is to grow a one-stop shop for the most exclusive fashion statement pieces around. Thank you for checking out my website!